Sep 30, 2013

new apartment yes or no ?

Well here are some pics of my new apartment. Only trouble is that the company I am buying it off told me that I have run out of time and they took it off me and sold it to someone else last Friday. The buyers of my house ( a church) have taken 4 months !! Yes I accepted their offer on 20th May 2013 and still they are not ready to give us a date for exchange and completion. It is so frustrating and upsetting. Oh yes and at worse case I have lost £1000 in the process. I had to pay for a survey and searches and solicitors fees. The only good news is that there are other apartments in the same building so if and when my buyer completes I could get a different one. The building is a converted mill that was built in 1926. I wont one of the apartments on the 5th floor (there are 6 floors in total)

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