Jun 6, 2012

its all a pound or less...........

Yes i have just been to morrisons the supermarket and everything i bought was a pound or less. I got lots of food. I am trying to improve my spending pattern. I bought 40 items and the total bill was £38.65. There were 4 exceptions only : - A pack of 4 pork chops (which were 3.49 for 4 - e.g. less than a pound each) - A pack of 5 chicken leg quarters (which were £2.47 - e.g less than a pound each) - A 4 pack of beer which was 3.00 - A bottle of aftershave (lynx temptation) which was half price at £4.66 - i have run out of aftershave so i needed some. The best item i bought was a tin of mushy peas which was 8 pence !

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