Jan 3, 2012

a job with animals is on its way to me...............

I hope it is anyway.

Here is the story so far. Since i started looking for a paid job with animals (which was july 2010):

I have applied for 44 animal related jobs.

6 of these i am still waiting to hear from as i have only just applied for them.

So that means I have applied and the results are in for 38 animal realated jobs.

Out of these 38 applications I got 2 interviews.

Out of these 2 interviews i did not get any job offers.

Gosh it is hard but i will keep trying!

(obviously i have not counted above the non animal related temporary jobs i have applied for as they are only to fill in until i get an animal related job. If you are interested i have applied for 6 non animal related temporary work jobs , out of these 6 i got 3 interviews, out of these 3 interviews i got 2 job offers. As you know i did one job at the college in december and i start at the local supermarket next week)

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