Dec 11, 2011

the week that was...............

Work at college in the library mon to fri all day long so each night i got home i was quite tired.

Went to the quiz in the local pub on wednesday night which was good.

Met up with my mate rob on thursday night for a few beers but was home by 9.00pm.

Stayed in friday night and did some research for more jobs.

Got my hair cut on saturday afternoon and met with most of the local gang on saturday night for a game of bowling and amasingly i won, so i got the prize of a bottle of wine. Whoohoo. Got a pizza on the way home and got home at 9.30pm to eat my pizza and drink my wine and watch a film.

On sunday i have applied for a couple more jobs then went out for an hour or so to catch up with my mate rob.

Stayed in sunday night and watched the x factor final - not as good as previous years.

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