Dec 13, 2011

first there were none now there are two.....

I have got 2 job interviews lined up for the end of this week so that is good.

Neither job pays more than the national minimum wage but if i got offered either job i would take it as it is better than nothing and will pays my bills.

On friday i have an interview at a north west bookmakers, the job is working in their shops and taking bets and paying out bets. The job is supposed to be in blackburn but they do ask you to stand in at other branches to cover for sickness and stuff. That would not be a problem.

On saturday I have an interview at the small co-op supermarket in my town. The advantage is that i can walk there within 5 minutes. The job is working in the bakery and general shelf topping up and working on the till. My next door neighbour works there now but she is leaving for health reasons so she told them that i was looking for a job (which was really nice of her) and she bigged me up, so they have invited me for an interview.

if i got offered one of those jobs it would tide me over, i know it is not animal related but i need to earn some money in the meantime whilst i am still looking for animal work.

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