Dec 4, 2011

a busy weekend..........

Lets go back to last thursday. My mate was working near the college so i got a lift home with him. We went to the pub at 5.00pm for a pint. I actually got home at 1.00am. Opps!

Went to work on friday morning feeling fine (surprisingly). We finished work early then i got the train to bolton to meet another friend. We stayed in and had a few beers and some nice food and went to sleep at 1.00 am. Opps again!

On saturday he drove back to accrington as i had to meet my mum and my sister (from blackpool) for lunch. That was nice.

On saturday evening i went out for dinner with my friend from switzerland who had just flown in for the weekend. It was great to see her and we had a nice meal. I actually went to sleep at 11.30 pm so that was better.

Today being sunday, i am not doing a lot, sorting out a few bills and doing some washing.

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