Nov 17, 2011

trained in lifting

I went to the college today and earn £15. I attended the manual handling course ready for the work i am doing next week for them. The course was ok, very similar to the one i had in Spain in June.

There are 4 of us doing the work two young lads, me and one blonde girl/woman who has promised to do the dusting of the shelves. Hmmmm......

I went to the emergency dentist yesterday and got a temporary filling. I also got some antibiotics (for free with my HC2 certificate). I have an infection under my tooth. It does however feel a lot better today already.

The dentist said i need a root canal (which sounds painful) so i now need to find a dentist that will take me on as an NHS patient, my regular dentist will not do so and they only do private work and not NHS work. Crazy i know but there it is.

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