Nov 26, 2011

the offer is not right................

well the people who came to see my house really liked it.

They have put an offer in through the estate agents.

The house is now on at offers in excess of £175K and the agent told me they offered........... wait for it............. £168K.

Yes i rolled about laughing on the floor as well. Since when is 168 in excess of 175? i think they missed the point.

A few years ago the house was valued at £250K it was last on with the other agent at £210K, if you do an internet search it values the house at £230K. So £168K is absolutely insane.

Of course i told them no, the people are clearly in the wrong league, why are they looking at a £200K house if they cant afford to get a mortgage for that?.

Forget them... lets hope someone more sensible comes along.

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