Nov 10, 2011

jobs jobs jobs...........

jobs, jobs, jobs or should i say applications, applications, applications?

i went to see my old boss and an old colleauge (not that they are old , i mean i used to work with them). there is a possibility of a little short term work (1 month or two months) in the new year but it depends if they can afford it. The market place is hard at the moment so they need to decide whether they wish to invest money in getting this project done. They will let me know in a couple of weeks. They also very kindly invited me to xmas dinner in december, i will of course go but it depends if i am working at the local college on that day or not.

i applied for 2 jobs yesterday one as a full time keeper for a zoo down south (in the uk) and one as a short term project (3 months) working for the national environmental research council. This project is about analising and reporting on the impact of some of the projects they having been working on.

i also found one other job to apply for at another zoo down south (in the uk). the job is a primtate keeper. I will apply for that in the next day or so. I have not heard anything from the any of the others that i applied for in october.

it is good that i found 3 new jobs to apply for, as the last couple of weeks have been a bit lean.

wish me luck................

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