Nov 1, 2011

the job centre

just been to the job centre to sign on and now i am in the library in accrington.

the job centre was not too bad ................

1- they called my name out incorrectly (which wound me up)
2- i said you have my name wrong but here i am
3- they checked their system and said they were sorry but they did not have any animal related jobs (no surprise there then)
4- i showed them my excel spreadsheet of the jobs i have applied for this month (which they accepted)
5- i signed the signing on record
6- i told them i had not got any letters yet so was not sure if my claim for benefits was in place
7- they checked their system and told me that they sent me £28.50 (a part week) on the 28th october and it should clear into my bank account in the next days or so. (its not much but better than nothing)
8- they told me that i will get £67.50 per week (at least it is something towards my bills but no doubt i will spend it all on tobacco).
9- i asked them if i took a temporary job what the procedure is.
10- they told me that i need to sign off (if it is more than 16 hours per week) and then i can sign back on after the temp job through a rapid reclaim process (i look forward to meeting that process)

Am off to the doctors now to see the nurse (well not just to see the nurse) i am due my next injection for one of the courses i am on for working with animals, i had part 1 in oct 2010, part 2 in jan 2011 and am due part 3.

i also need to ask about how i prove i have not got TB. i did the tests in april and all is fine but they have not written to me to confirm.

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