Oct 20, 2011

shall we rent

well the rent person (i nearly call him the rent boy, but that sounds wrong) came today and told us he felt we could rent it for the right amount. the amount would just cover the mortgage, so renting it really does look like a possible option.

i also went to the bank to talk about what options are available for remortgaging the house, there are some options a fixed 2 year (2.65%), a fixed 5 year (3.59%) and a tracker (2.39% e.g. 1.89% above base rate), all the lower than the current rate of 3.75 (2.25% above base rate). there is a £500 fee to convert but it may be worth doing it. I asked about changing to an interest only mortgage but they wont offer me that unless i have a repayment vechicle in place at the moment (which i dont). that surprised me i would have thought they would have offered me an interest only mortgage. maybe i should talk to other banks.

just about to go to the dentist - oh dear..............

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