Oct 13, 2011

fun at the job centre

well i went to the job centre...... here is what happened................

1- i walked in
2- i asked what did i have to do to register and make a benefit claim
3- they told me to go outside and ring up
4- i went outside, stood there and rang up
5- after a 45 minute telephone call - the only questions not asked were what colour socks i was wearing, whether i like tuesdays or not and how many legs my dog has - all other questions about my life were asked.
6- i reluctantly gave my answers................
7- they gave me a time to go in to visit the job centre (which i was still standing outside)
8- The time was tommorow afternoon (which i can not make as i need to meet my old boss)
9- i went inside to ask for the time to be changed.
10- the person who (may) be able to change the time was not in so they told me to come back after 2.00pm

I am just about to go back.............

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