Aug 24, 2011

Spain - day 134 - i am all packed for everything

well i packed for everything this afternoon.

  • packed my suticase because we are moving to the new apartment in town on the 2nd sept
  • pack my bag for benidorm i am going on tuesday (30th aug) till thursday (1st sept) afternoon
  • packed my bag for the trip to the uk for the interview i am hoping to fly evening of 1st sept and have the interview on the 2nd and fly back on evening of 3rd sept
its going to be a crazy week, wish me luck with the interview.

i need to go to it and i have now got the days off worked agreed so that is good. i texted our team leader who is on holiday in italy and she said yes. i swapped with miquel 1 day (which was good of him) so i will call the college in the morning and if all ok will book the flight in the afternoon.

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