Aug 23, 2011

Spain - day 133 - how to relax

i had a great day relaxing today on my day off.

the usual stuff, washing, cleaning and then generally chilling out.

I got a call from one of the jobs i have applied for and i have been shortlisted and invited to an interview.
which is really good news. the interview is in the uk.

At first I asked them if i could do the interview by phone or skype and they kind off said yes but it would disadvantage me against the other candidates as they want us to have a tour and do an observation test. i was assuming that it would be a two step interview process but that is not the case they have told me they will do 1 interview and then choose a candidate.

The job is working at a college looking after the animals and helping to teach/train the students. it sounds ideal to me.

so it looks like i will be nipping to the uk at the start of september for a day or two. it will cost me about £300 all in but i feel i must that the risk. There are 5 people being interviewed so i ahve a 1 in 5 chance.

wish me luck

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