Aug 15, 2011

Spain - day 125 - a sad day

have had a good last few days though it has been very hot and the flies are impossible.

I recovered ok from my migrane.

on friday night i went into town for a few beers which was good, i was on my own, at one point and old fat spanish man came to sit next to me and then later in another pub a drunk spanish man came to sit next to me to tell me he was a french muscian. the barmaid signalled to me that he was crazy. That is the extent of my social life. ha ha.

Not that i ever had it but i am think i am losing my touch. it could be the smell of monkeys.

On saturday night a friend of the nieghbours arrived and i was invited round for drinks and that was nice.

On sunday aftet a hard day at work i went to pick miquel up from town at 11.00pm as he is just back from visiting his girlfriend.

Yes today is a sad day becuase maria is leaving and i will miss her, she is a really nice girl. The bright side is though that i will get her room tonight and it will be nice not having to share a room again.

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