Aug 4, 2011

Spain - day 114 - no days out for 4 weeks

I went back to work today and it was a good day. I will miss the animals when i leave and the team here as well.

I checked my bank accounts and i need to have a very quite august so for the next 3 weekends i need to stop in and spend nothing. because on the 4th weekend e.g 31st august my sister is coming over to benidorm so i am going to meet her for a couple of days which i am looking forward to.

We are all supposed to be going out for a meal tommorow night because maria one of the voluteers is leaving in 10 days or so. and then on saturday i am invited by the neighbours to go out to see one of the orginal project managers here who is doing a stand up comedy slot somewhere in town. So apart from these two nights out it is a quite august for me

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