Jul 5, 2011

Spain -day 85 - guess what, its raining in manchester

Well here i am, having just arrived in manchester. I am on the train to blackpool as i am going to see my sister.

The flight was ok but i do wish there was another way of getting around quickly.

Just arranged to meet my mum tommorow lunchtime and she is buying me lunch which is nice.

I bought some cigs for one of my mates. Airport shops are a con. I bought them in alicante before i went to the airport for 70 euros. at the airport the same fags were 81 euros that about 15% more. It just is not right.

Whilst i am on a rant (which does not happend very often) i checked in on line for my flight back to spain and to print my boarding pass. I had already paid for the flight but i had to pay an extra £7.99 for a seat. There was no choice every seat had to be paid for. When i get on the flight i might ask for my £7.99 back and ask to stand up. It is just not right, how can they sell me a flight ticket and then charge me for a seat.

Rant over.

Surprise it is raining in manchester. Lol

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