Jun 14, 2011

Spain - day 64 - the flies are so annoying

Yes they are. they are really annoying. And i am told its going to get worse and that there are many manay flies in July. I can hardly wait (not).

Had a great day off, cleaned the house (i know) , sat outside in the warmth and watched lord of the rings moview (it is very hot again today). Just had some pasta for tea.

I also reviewed my bank accounts and its looking ok. I have not run out yet but i have spent my whole june allowance already and its not the 15th of the month yet and i am going to krakow next week. Oh dear. In july i am going to have to cut right down and i mean right down. I blew a lot in amsterdam but it was 5 euros for a pint and i went for a pizza one night and that was 20 euros.

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