Jun 13, 2011

Spain - day 63 - sita is not playing

Sita the chimp is not playing. She is my favourite chimp but she has refused to come in at tea time for the last two nights. I did not finish work till 7.00pm on sunday night (should be 5.30) and tonight i left at 6.00 but sita was still out and did not go in till 8.00pm!. I think we are in for some trouble next week.

I had a good few days at work since I got back from amsterdam. I am in the routine now and am being given a bit more responsibility and i am really enjoying it.

After work tonight i went into town to go to the supermarket then i was dying for a pint of beer but guess what? all the pubs were shut!. What kind of place is this! (i hear you ask) i asked myself the same. Even the pubs in the small villiages back home are open on a monday night for goodness sake.

Also the main supermarket in town (i call it town but it is actually classed as a city) shuts at 9.15pm and is not open on sunday, its insane! but i like it.

Got an e-mail from a new friend I met in amsterdam which was nice. I met some really nice people when I was over there (apart from the guy who tried to steal my wallet!).

I have two days off now so i am going to relax in the sun a bit tommorow and also do some serious job searching and sort out my bank accounts (think i would rather be at work)

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