May 27, 2011

Spain - day 47 - On the move

Had a good day at work working with the animals. It went a bit cloudy and cooler today but the number of flies and mosquitos has started to increase.

Went to pick the other volunteer up from the train station as she had been to see her dad.

The new people arrive on monday so i have moved into the bedroom at the other side of the house tonight.

We then have 2 days to clean the main house before the new people arrive. And the boss has given me the day off tommorow to make a start at the cleaning.

We will have to live in the side part of the house for around a month until the new place in town is ready. It is no problem though. We each have our own bedroom and just have to share the bathroom and kitchen which will be fine.

I am thinking of going into villena tommorow night to watch the main match between manchester united and barcelona.

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