May 25, 2011

spain - day 45 - burning the candle again.

Well i burnt the candle at both ends when i went to benidorm last week. This week (my mate finally made it over on monday night) I broke the candle in half and burnt both ends of each half at the same time.

To say i am a little tired is a vast understatement. It was a good do. It was good to see my mate and have a few beers (well more than a few). I have just got back to the house in Villena.

In one pub we got stampeded by a group of old ladies who overtook the table we were sitting at, we saw a guy dressed up as an air freshner in another pub and one of the local nutters came into one of the pubs to tell us that crystal is dangerous. I am not making this up!.

I got back to my hotel at 3.00am on sunday night, 5.00 am monday night and 6.00 am tuesday night. I have had about 12 hours sleep in the last 3 days. I am about to go to sleep now!, i need it.

will post more tommorow after work........................

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