May 13, 2011

Spain - day 32 - Tired but not too tired for a beer

I feel very tired today. But i am having a quick beer before i have an early night.

I am working tommorow and sunday and monday and then i have my 3 days off (hooray!)

Spent the last few hours booking a flight for one of my mates who is coming out to benidorm on 21st May for a week. I only get 2 days off that week but we will meet up and see how much beer we can drink and how much food we can eat in a 48 hour period. I will try to count them.......

I spent a few hours last night trying to sort out my flight to karkow in Poland (mid june) . Some of my mates are going over as its one of the guys birthday. I have nearly sorted it out. Should be able to finalise it in the next couple of days.

If i have not said already i have booked my flight and hotel for amsterdam (early) june i am going for 5 days.

All this travel is fun......................

I will keep enjoying it until my bank account runs out

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