May 8, 2011

Spain day 27 - cats like rabbits

Well our cat (tiger) here at the santuary just caught a rabbit and is eating it outside the front door. It is not the best of sights.

I have just booked my flight to Amsterdam and also my hotel. All in all its going to cost me around 500 euros for a 5 day trip, more than i wanted to spend but i do need a break now and again. It will be worth it to go to the tattoo convention and to see the sanctuary HQ.

I am just enjoying a glass of wine at the moment.

I only have 1 day off this week (tuesday) as i have swapped a day with the other volunteer. She is going home to madrid this week so i am working on wednesday for her. She is going to work on thursday for me next week so.....................

I have booked a short trip to benidorm for a break. I will go on tuesday morning and get back thursday night. It should be a nice little break for me. The hotel was only 50 euros for 2 nights (including breakfast) , its the same hotel i stayed at last time and i paid 60 euros for one night last time!. The price changes are amasing. Went i went last time it was easter weekend so it looks like they doubled their prices then. I know that now so will be careful in the future.

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