Apr 4, 2011

thanks for all the best wishes.............

I have had lots of wishes of good luck yesteday and today from my friends and some collegues i used to work with. Thanks very much everyone, it really helps me to keep going.

6 days to go......................

On reflection the doctors/NHS are hopeless. When i went for my x-ray last monday they told me the results would take a week. I spoke with the doctors receptionist this morning and she said it takes 2 weeks. I told her that was not good enough as i am leaving in 6 days. So i asked for a number so i could ring and chase it but they did not have a number!.

I then asked about when i was having my TB test, the receptionist told me there was a mix up and that it was not requested until friday (and i had gone in on monday!). I only have 2 days in which to get the test because the test takes 48/72 hours to show. I will be ringing the doctors in the morning to book an appointment and going down tommorow for a sit in until i get the test and my x-ray results back. It really should not be so hard work.

My blood tests came back and they are all ok - so that is a start.

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