Apr 6, 2011

roasted by the doctor

I went for the sit in at the doctors yesterday morning. I got an absolute roasting off the doctor. He said he was not happy that his secretaries were running round sorting out things for me when there were people with emergencies. He said i was not an emergency and it was not his fault that i was going next monday. He refused to chase the results of my x-ray and said they will come when they come. I asked him to write to me when the results come and at first he refused but then agreed and said he would charge me for the letter. Quite frustrating. I have paid into the sytem for many years so i do expect at least a good service.

One of his secretaries however was very helpful. She checked and my request for a TB test is on the specialists desk at blackburn hospital. I rang the specialists secretary and she knew about it and confirmed that it was likely that i would get the test on thursday. So lets see what thursday brings.

Went out for lunch yesterday with a collegue/friend which was really nice.

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