Apr 23, 2011

day 12 - spain - english breakfast yum yum

I have just got back from Benidorm. I really enjoyed it it was like a little holiday.

Had a number of beers and two full english breakfast which were really good. English breakfast was 4 euros. Pint of heiniken was 3.5 euros so the prices were not bad. There was beer in some places at 1 euro a pint but i did not try that but will do next time.

The tram from alicante to benidorm was nice and scenic that cost 6 euros for return trip.

All in all good value and a nice break, it was also really hot and there were a lot of people there which was nice.

i bought 10 25gr packets of golden virginia fot 34 euros, so 3.4 euros a packet is really cheap - 10 packets will last me many weeks.

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