Mar 22, 2011

In recovery........

Well i had my minor operation yeterday. I am ok and in my house recovering. Yes it hurts a lot and the painkillers do help though. I went in the hospital at 7.30 am yesterday and got home at 11.00pm.

I should be ok in a few days but i have to rest of at least 2 weeks. I can walk to the toliet and to the back door for a smoke so things cant be that bad can they.

It is still strange being back in the UK. I have my telephone interview for spain on thursday so i hope that goes well

but as each week goes by i become more and more worried as i see my bank balance going down.
I really do need some paid work to boost my bank balance. I will have to think hard over the next couple of weeks what to do.

Yes i am in a state of confusion, i know i will work it out in the coming weeks but at the moment i am confused and that is frustrating.

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