Mar 28, 2011

feeling even better.....

yes feel much better today. I did manage to go into town on the bus. In fact i got on seven buses today which is more buses in one day than i have got on in the last 6 months.

1- bus from home to doctors.
2- bus from doctors to town.
3- bus from town to dentist.
4- bus from dentist to town.
5- bus from town to hospital.
6- bus from hospital to town.
7- bus from town to home.

A busy day but all good and some progress as well. Went to doctors for some antibiotics from my minor chest infection. Told the doctor that i need to prove i dont have Tubercalosis in case i get that job in spain. Doctor was really helpful. Told me to get a blood test and an xray. Managed to get blood taken by the nurse within 30 mins and rang to book an xray and amasingly they said do you want to come this afternoon? which i did. Went to dentist for 6 month check up and all is ok in the tooth department. Went to post office to send off for a new passport as mine runs out in 3 months.

So really it all went well today which is quite surprising.

Will get the result of my blood and xray within 10 days so all is good. All i need to do now is get the job offer from spain!

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