Nov 17, 2010

day 7 - taking down more fences (part 2)

                                            Here is a picture of the big lady pig asleep.
My pig bite is blacking and yellowing out nicely.


debby crahan said...

Hi Richard, loving the pictures, it looks so lovely. Gla you are enjoying yourself - apart from the bite which looked pretty nasty!
Sounds a bit too much like hard work for me but you seem to be really enjoying it and it will be really therapeutic for you.
Loving reading all about what you have been up to, this blog was such a good idea.
Can't believe you have been there 2 weeks now! Take care of yourself, Debs xx

Richard Lloyd-Mullen said...

thanks Debby. You take care as well. I sent you a message through my which i hope you got. Take care Richard x.